Website Design & Development    with Nunjucks build with Nunjucks build    via Squarespace CMS via Squarespace CMS

Fermensch Kombucha

A small-batch kombucha brewery located in sunny California, offering a kombucha that tastes as good as it is for you.

Skills and tools

  • Coordinate website design refresh

  • Design mobile-optimized UX and UI

  • Squarespace CMS with custom code injections

  • SEO-optimized page content

  • Interactive map of ‘booch’ locations

  • Photography art direction    managed via Siteleaf CMS managed via Siteleaf CMS

Yellow Collective

LA-based startup empowering creative, entrepreneurial women to become agents of good.

Skills and tools

  • Coordinate design and development refresh

  • Facilitate and prioritize feedback from stakeholders

  • Design mobile-optimized UX and UI

  • Jekyll-based site on SiteLeaf CMS

  • Blog migration from Wordpress to new build


Email Marketing

Resources Used

ZURB Foundation for Emails, NPM, Sass, Litmus, Salesforce, Pardot and mad Stack Overflow queries

Email campaigns (from left to right): Kickass Board Webinar, Funding Awesome, and Giving Tuesday


Social Media


Icon Design

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