Life Without a Smartphone


I’m aware that I’m a walking contradiction.

Most know me as a nerd that loves technology … like, A LOT. It’s one of the many things my husband and I bonded over when we met each other. I love it so much, one of my vows was, “I promise not to spend all of our money at the Apple Store.” The other part of me is a paranoid flower child – swatting away waves of radiation that will ultimately give me cancer and/or cause me to become barren (crazy but 100% accurate thoughts I have on a daily basis).


All of this started from a conversation with friends. The goal was to hold each other accountable in creating time and space for things we truly desire. Whether that be to improve my health, spend more time with friends and family, spiritual discovery – there’s many options and looks different for everyone. The only thing circling through my head was, “smartphones are the worst and will ultimately lead to the destruction of this world but DAMNIT ALL I WANT IS THAT TALKING PANDA EMOJI AND I MUST HAVE IT!”

Like I said, walking contradiction... and a dramatic one at that.

Even though I love my iPhone and the plethora of convenience and joy it adds to my life, I can’t believe how much of a life suck it takes in my daily life. Not only do I fill pockets of down time with mindless Instagram browsing but like many other people I’d rather play around on my phone than engage in real conversation.

So what’s my point?

As 2018 approaches, I want to set resolutions on how to improve as a person. For 2017, my goal was to take in more media created by and for women. And I did just that – so p.s. message me if you’d like some recommendations. 

Now I’m using this final month of 2017 to cast a vision for my life and how to make space for the things I desire. So I ask this crazy question: what would my life be like with a smartphone?

First thought is, “I’ll stick it to the man, no hefty phone bill for me! That’ll be one less radiation box killing my ovaries!”

Second thought, “Now I’ll be that annoying person in group text messages with the green text bubble.”

I know I should have these great ideas of reading books or starting conversations with strangers... but I want to go back to my friends’ question on how to create intentional space and time for things I truly desire. What do I even truly desire? If I got rid of my smartphone for all of 2018, what would that even look like?

That’s where this next month comes in. I hope to process this here and also with trusted friends that will hold me accountable. And really, I’d like to find out if I can shake the dependency we all feel to our smartphones (which I bet most of you are reading this from right now).

Could you go without a smartphone for one year? What would you make time and space for?